Make API functions for other plugins to be able to link and unlink players

I want to be able to link players with this line : 

DiscordCore.Call("CompletedLink", player, member.User);
but the function CompletedLink is public and has LinkActivation as parameter.
Same with 
DiscordCore.Call("HandleLeave", player, discord.User, false, false);
It is public so it doesn't work with DiscordCore.Call function.
I already made the updates necessary to make it usable as an api, if you can contact me i'll send the changes.

My goal is not to modify/listen to link data , I'm making an admin command to unlink players and link players with their steamid and discordid.

To actually be able to do that I did modify DiscordCore to use the functions CompletedLink and HandleLeave in another plugin.