Embed colour customizationSolved

I got the bot working fine but is there any way to cuztomize the colors of the embed for the messages the bots sends in dms?example

To anyone who is looking through this in the future, I figured it out.

So esentially instead of using RGB or hex codes for the Discord embed codes the plugin dev is using Decimal Values.

Here is a website that converts your hex code colors to a decimal value:


So just enter the color's hex code into the online converter, grab the new decial value and put it into the plugin file. (/oxide/plugins/DiscordAuth.cs)

The decial values for the color of the Discord embeds can be found in the plugin file on these lines and positions:

Line 375, Pos 79
Line 376, Pos 119
Line 410, Pos 100
Line 417, Pos 125
Line 432, Pos 78
Line 433, Pos 102
Line 467, Pos 163
Line 471, Pos 114
Line 485, Pos 103
Line 494, Pos 102

(Just replace the existing Decimal value with the new Decimal value)

Reload the plugin (o.reload DiscordAuth) and it should work!

Hope This helps!

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