Seems the bot accepts the code in discord but is not giving the rank "discord" in game.
I did create the rank discord and vip.

The user afterwards can claim discord rank kits, but the betterchat tag for that rank is not showing , it shows him as default still.
Anything im missing here?

  "Settings": {
    "Bot Token": "Discord Bot Token HIDDEN But Used",
    "Oxide Group": "discord",
    "Enable Logging": false,
    "Auth Commands": [
    "Deauth Commands": [
    "Discord Roles to Assign": [
      "Verified Discord"
    "Revoke Oxide Group on Discord Leave": true,
    "Deauthenticate on Discord Leave": true,
    "Chat Prefix": "[#1874CD](Auth)[/#]:"
  "Authentication Code": {
    "Code Lifetime (minutes)": 60,
    "Code Length": 5,
    "Lowercase": false