Names keep populating on their own

I'm having an issue where names keep populating on thier own within the DeathNotes config. I have no other plugin modifying names. I delete them, and they just start repopulating slowly, in lowercase as well. Anyway to stop this from happening? Can't find anything within the configs that's enabling this. Example:

     "jarvis": "Jarvis",
      "weldon": "weldon",
      "dahlia": "dahlia",
      "paige": "paige",
      "Light Gunner": "Light Gunner",
      "Heavy Gunner": "Heavy Gunner",
      "olevia": "olevia",
      "glinda": "glinda",
      "digna": "digna",
      "ed": "ed",
      "louanne": "louanne",
      "estrella": "estrella",
      "randal": "randal",
      "luigi": "luigi",
      "orlando": "orlando",
      "odilia": "odilia",
      "glenna": "glenna",
      "angela": "angela",​

Same here, was changing every name and it still shows old names or random generated names or whatever this is.