Buildings pasting under terrain
Is there a command to make it so i can paste my building just auto on the terrain its in front of? It keeps cutting off parts of the building and putting them under the world. I am new to this, so if its already listed i apolgize just trying to understand exactly how to do it. If its something i need to put into the config or if its a command i do in chat. Thanks!

Should do the trick: /paste name height 10

Plugin Developer
i know this is old post but any luck pasting above the terain in the sky 3500 as when i do this i just fall threw the foundations now.
When pasting the building pastes under the terrain either wholely or partially. Does the Mod need an update? or is there settings that i need to change? something i might be doing wrong?
This was already solved in previous thread, please disregard, still learning how to use the umod website lol
I don't know that I would mark this as solved. I've been using the plugin for months. Today, everything I paste shows up underground, at the water level. Usually, it's been fairly responsive to adjusting to the relative height. Now it's not. 
Adjust the height at which you are pasting it and it will work, this was the fix in previous threads