Building sinks into the ground, on the same level

Hello, I'm copying my building with Copy Home. Then I paste it at the same level with paste home, but it's not at the same level and it's almost completely buried in the ground. What am I doing wrong and how can I change it?

And a request to all modders. You are really doing a great job and you certainly have a lot to do. But please be so kind and also answer questions that seem easy to you. This would simplify the search and make it much easier for many to find a solution. Nobody is perfect. Many Thanks

Since you've mentioned answering other questions, it has been answered multiple times before. Try i.e disabling autoheight and setting height manually, or use pasteback if you want it on the same place.

Thanks so much. 👍
I'll try harder to find answers in the future. For me, the translation is always a small problem. 🤭