Players spawnin in random locationsBug

Occasionally, players will click to spawn at outpost or bandit and it will just spawn them in a random location on the map. When they open up the map the bag icon is in the spot they spawned at. Only restarting the plugin fixes it.

Thanks for reaching out. Can you send me the map seed and size so i can attempt to replicate this?

its a custom map, so could that be the issue?

If it's unable to find a valid spawn location in a configured monument it will spawn the player in a default spawn zone.  It's possible a custom map can cause this which is why I indicate that on the plugin page:

This plugin will do its best to find a valid teleport position in a given monument prefab. If you've given a prefab and it can't find a valid position, it will use the default player spawn position.
Does your custom map happen to use prefabs from one of your configured monuments elsewhere on the map? I think the bag icon showing up where they last spawned is still a bug, but i'm trying to figure out ways to test that and what i can do to fix it. 

Ahhh I think it is the bug becuase the bag moves to the default spawn areas. Those areas are just beaches so no prefabs from outpost or bandit there.