Works but if player killed by an NPC, they get killed by Outpost/Bandit Camp guards on respawnSolved

I've got Horseback Scientist NPC roamers on the map and often new players get popped by them when they're starting out. The constant complaint is that they're still marked hostile on compound respawn and hence get popped by the Bandit Camp or Outpost guards. Any ideas on how to fix this?


I was thinking about this while i was rewriting this plugin. I've experienced being hostile, respawning in a safe zone and dying. 

i'll get this added soon! thanks for the suggestion!

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I've made this a configurable option that defaults to `true`. Please see updates to CompoundTeleport version 2.0.1

You will need to update your configuration to include `"removeHostility": true,`

Thanks for the suggestion. 

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