Effect of weight and refill options on bandit vending?
I was trying to update the json file with different weight and refill options, but they aren't making sense when loaded in game. I tried putting some different numbers in there and it is not updating as expected. Example I put refill amount at 10,000 and it only showed 19 in game. Can you update the features/configuration with all the new options and notes from the latest update and explain what the parameters mean? I guess I am putting wrong numbers there or something. The only thing seems to be working correctly is the price and sell amount adjustments

The latest update 1.1.7 compoundoptions.JSON has these options

"_comment": "Sell Scrap x 1 for Metal Fragments x 20",
"sellId": -932201673,
"sellAmount": 20,
"sellAsBP": false,
"currencyId": 69511070,
"currencyAmount": 1,
"currencyAsBP": false,
"weight": 100,
"refillAmount": 100,
"refillDelay": 10.0
They don't really do anything just need to have a vaule so I gae them all default values. Changing them doesn't seem to do anything at the moment so I aussme they are just place holders and that FacePunch in the future may be using them soon.
ok that makes sense, thank you for clarifying