Can't enter car with turrets

Haven't tested all iterations but on a four module vehicle with a cab up front and three engines behind it. With a turret mounted on the 3rd module (the middle engine) I can no longer enter the vehicle. Removing that turret allows me to enter it again.

I am having the same issue. Did anyone get this fixed?

The issue is that some of the default positions don't work anymore. They now cause the client to calculate that there's no valid dismount point when there's a turret too close to the seats, even though the turret colliders have been removed on the server side, since the client can't know about that.

You can adjust the turret positions in the config under AutoTurretPositionByModule.

I will revisit the default positions later this month. It's just tricky since there are thousands of possible module combinations, so I need to figure out a good way to basically evaluate them all to be sure the positions work.