Not working with tech tree?Solved

Hey, great plugin, I have been using it for a while, but then when we once wiped the server it stopped sharing blueprints that were learned by the tech tree. It still works with /bs share but not automatically. Learning through physical blueprints works fine. Idk why :C

Heres my config:

  "Teams Sharing Enabled": false,
  "Clans Sharing Enabled": true,
  "Friends Sharing Enabled": false,
  "Share Physical Blueprints": true,
  "Share Tech Tree Blueprints": true,
  "Allow Manual Sharing of Blueprints": true,
  "Share Blueprints on Join": true,
  "Clear Data File on Wipe": true,
  "Items Blocked from Sharing": []

Will investigate the matter as seems like a weird edge case bug.

Thanks, let me know if you found out sth or if I can help you somewhere!

Could you provide answers to the following questions:

  • Which version of the plugin are you running?
  • Which clans plugin are you using?
  • Do you have any other plugins installed which alter how blueprints work?

1. I run the latest Version: v1.2.10
2. I am using the free Clans plugin from Umod from Killyou
3. I have BlueprintManager installed, I will unload it and check whether it will work after that :D

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Ok I tried it but its not the reason, after unloading BlueprintManager it still doesnt work. The thing is I didnt even changed much but then suddenly after a restart it stopped working.

I am guessing you have regular restarts scheduled so the plugin gets reloaded at some point?

Yeah exactly, daily.

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Do you have any idea if its an error on my side or the plugins? Because if its on my side I would try harder to fix it in some way.

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I found the issue... It was somehow interfering with EasyResearch by Khan. I didnt think that this was affecting the blueprints themselves, so it was kind of my bad, sorry that I took your time with that :( 

Sorry didn't get a notification about your latest response. I was struggling to replicate the issue so assumed it was more likely to be a third party plugin. Glad you managed to resolve the problem and thank you for letting me know.