Help please.

i cant seem to get it to work. i typed in the command oxide.grant group default blueprintmanager.lvl1
and i also did it for level 2 but no one seems to have it.

What was the response when you used the command?

it said it was successful. and now it just tells me its already done when i try it again. so for some reason its just not working.

I would verify that you are in that group and you don't have anything removing your from it.

well im an admin. but im also new to haveing a server. and i dont know anything about the group type stuff yet.

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ok i figured out the group stuff and added it to admin group as well. but it still isnt giving me teir 1 or anyone else that joins.

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well if im not in the group then no one is. none of us so far have gotten any of the tech unlocked