Blueprint manager not giving blueprints through config file

Hi im trying to give these blueprints to specific players but it doesnt seem to work. It works when i manually give the blueprint to the player through console but otherwise when i try to give that player access to blueprintmanger.default. it doesnt do anything. here is my json file:



"Default blueprints":[













I was struggling with this mod as well until I wiped my server then it started working.

Edit: I'm actually not sure if it was the wipe... I removed myself as Owner as well as wiping the server so I'm not sure which one did the trick.

Edit 2: It seems that wiping the server may be necessary to get this mod to work. I am not 100% confirming this it is just a speculation from my recent experience.

I hope it's not the case that I need to wipe the server just to change default blueprints. Hopefully this gets fixed if that is the case.