Death and flyhack

it may be facepunch,  but since the update my players in my server are getting killed because of elevator usage

also flyhack kicking from my server

Folks who have reported this previously said they also encountered the issues on vanilla. I did some testing and wasn't able to reproduce with or without this plugin loaded.

Let me know if you have any steps to reproduce, or any evidence that this plugin increases the frequency of this issue.

If this plugin is contributing, disabling speed options completely is likely to reduce the impact.

My server is having the same issue.  I have tried default speeds and x2 speed.  You fall throw elevator and die or get flyhack kicked.  I am having this issues on my 3 servers.  Seems to be very random on where u stand also.

did you update server and oxide since the last update today ??

i put in a ticket on facepunch and hopfuly if it is on there end they can get it patched quickly


also thank you whitethunder for the addon!

As of now I am not having death issues now just random falling throw.

I am having the same issues with people falling through lifts, dying and getting kicked for fly-hacking. I've had to turn off quadratic and make it linear again, and only use a slow speed of 2x otherwise people die.

Looking at the Rust update log on Thursday, September 23 under the "fixed" section it says:
• Fixed elevator exploits
Is it possible they have implemented something that is interfering with this plugin? Or is it just that the plugin needs to be updated to circumvent the "exploit fix" from Facepunch?

Although 2x is still better than the horrible standard slow speed it is a real shame I can't use this plugin to its full potential anymore...

I'm not aware of the details of the exploit fix. I can have another look through all of the elevator code again to see if I get any ideas or spot changes, but there may be nothing new if they mitigated the exploits other ways such as by changing prefab properties.

If I can manage to reproduce the issue, then I can troubleshoot it. So far, I reproduced falling through the elevator once while going up, which I think happened during a short lag spike. I will spend some time trying to reproduce this weekend, by causing lag spikes.

Can folks try the static elevators in train tunnels? Those have 4x speed in vanilla. Please try with the static elevator settings enabled at 4x and also with them fully disabled. If the issue can only be reproduced with the options enabled, then there is likely something I can do.

I have uninstalled this plugin and no longer fall throw elevator.  Once I reinstall player start fallen throw no flyhack or damage.  But have to try a few times manybe 10 to 12 times and get lucky and make to the top.  (8 floors) Base placed elevator. 

In my testing this weekend, I was only able to reproduce falling through the elevator when going up while there was a significant lag spike when near the top. I doubt this is what is happening to people in most cases, so this indicates I am still not able to reproduce the issue that people are having. This means I need help from people who can reproduce, to test specific scenarios to provide directional indicators to help me determine the root cause.

First, please try with the plugin installed but with "EnableSpeedOptions": false. This short-circuits the plugin logic so that it takes no intervention in the elevator movement. Depending on whether you can reproduce with this setting will indicate to me whether it's specifically the speed/movement logic of the plugin that is contributing to this issue vs some other feature of the plugin.

After testing with speed options completely disabled, please test with them enabled but using vanilla settings (Linear ease type with BaseSpeed 1.5). Depending on whether you can reproduce with this configuration will provide me with a a directional indicator of whether the speed/movement logic in general is the issue vs the actual speed settings. After testing with linear 1.5, please test with 2x (3.0) and 4x (6.0).

If you can reproduce this consistently, please send me your discord username and server IP via DM, so that I can check it out for myself and troubleshoot directly on your server.

PM sent with what you requested

Thanks to smkngto for helping me reproduce. The issue appears to no longer be an issue in vanilla after recent updates. However, it's easily reproducible with any plugin that increases elevator speed. You can reproduce with high probability by simply moving around in the elevator while it's moving up or down. You can also consistently reproduce the issue by simply touching the edges of the lift while it moves.

This seems to be caused by clipping checks that were recently added to deployable elevators, which are presumably an attempt at fixing recent exploits as the patch notes stated.  It seems that moving around in the lift while it moves causes you to clip briefly into the lift itself, making the new code unparent you from the elevator. Once unparented, you will either fall through the elevator if it's moving up, or you will fall toward the elevator if it's moving down. In either case, you may experience flyhack detection or fall damage.

This unparenting behavior can also be observed in vanilla by simply standing toward either of the raised sides of the lift. Instead of moving smoothly with the elevator, your screen will constantly jiggle as you are parented and unparented. This doesn't allow you to fall through the lift in vanilla because it moves too slowly for you to pass through it. It's also not an issue for static elevators, even though they move quickly in vanilla, because the clipping checks are disabled for them.

I've implemented a temporary workaround plugin which simply disables the clipping checks for deployable elevators. Use with caution because it likely allows the old elevator exploits to be used.

I'm also trying to contact the FP developers to see if they will do anything to help. If they won't, then I'll have to resort to implementing a smarter fix that keeps the clipping checks but ignores certain layers or entity types, which will most likely be released as part of Better Elevators.