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Hey guys! I'm about to setup a roleplay server. I've got a view ideas already but to make them work I need to install some plugins. I wasn't able to find plugins for all my needs so here I am, describing them so maybe one of you can help me here.

There are going to be two groups. Attackers and Defenders (names are not final). Every new player needs to be put in one of those groups after joining automatically - so the players will be evenly distributed. Although it should be possible for me as admin to switch players from one group to the other - if necessary.
I'd like to use Better Chat to make those groups but I need some way to automatically put new players into those groups. Is there a way to manage that?

It should be possible to instantly recognize players by their group. If an Attacker sees a Defender, he needs to know immediately and vice versa. I was thinking about something like putting all players of one group in one giant team as well. That way they recognize each other - and would even have an own chat. But then I need to automate that as well and somehow prevent them from leaving the team - and I don't know if that's possible.
So I thought about colored names. Not the ones in chat, but the ones above the players heads. Is that somehow possible to make - maybe even with this plugin?

A group chat. I guess that explains itself. It's like the team chat but for groups.

If anyone here can help me, that'd be great!

Better Chat doesn't actually provide the groups, Oxide does. Better Chat simply expands on the groups by providing custom colors, chat titles, etc. You would want to have a separate plugin created that automatically assigns users to groups, and if you want it to have custom tags, that plugin can hook into this plugin if desired to do so.

Got it. So I'm guessing such a plugin has yet to be made? I was searching for something like that but wasn't able to find anything.

I don't know of any, but it wouldn't take much to make one.

Really? I have no knowledge about creating plugins. So I guess I can head over to Plugin Requests and ask someone?

That'd probably be best!

Alright, I'll do that. Thanks

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