How can I remove this?Solved


I like this mod a lot. I am having issues with [player] appearing in front of the player names whent they type any message in team chat or global chat. Is there anyway to remove [player] so it just says the name without that in front? Please let me know. Thank you

I removed the actual player group from my Chat Groups and have this setting for the default (everyone who is not in another group) players

    "GroupName": "default",
    "Priority": 1,
    "Title": {
      "Text": "[]",
      "Color": "#00ffffff",
      "Size": 17,
      "Hidden": true,
      "HiddenIfNotPrimary": true
    "Username": {
      "Color": "#ffff00ff",
      "Size": 17
    "Message": {
      "Color": "#ffffffff",
      "Size": 17
    "Format": {
      "Chat": "{Title} {Username}: {Message}",
      "Console": "{Title} {Username}: {Message}"

This removed the [Player] but now the clan tag isn't being displayed.

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It is now fixed. I had to go into clans config file and make the clan tag size match at size 17. Thank you~

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