Bug Notice: Does not work for given bags and beds

Have had an on again off again issue with players having bed/bag timers that should not.

Finally noticed the issue is that the bed/bag with issues are any that are placed by another player and given to them.

Placing a bag yourself no issues that I've ever heard or seen only if the bed/bag is gifted to you.


Side note, any update on the new camper beds? I noticed someone had mentioned that and it had not yet been replied to.

If I had to guess these might be a similar if they are spawned on the map and do not have an 'owner'.

I can test it to see if we can buy one through GUI Shop and if that would be considered owned by player and give the proper bed cooldowns.

About given beds - yeah that can happen, i should add patch for this
About camper beds - i missed that topic, i will take a look

Sounds good! If you need any beta testing done I would be happy if I can help any in return for your effort and time.

2 birds one stone? Well hmm. Probably not going to fix both of those with one fix. 2 birds 2 stones 1 throw ha!