Players in a group

If there are 6 people tagged on a build and they all helped build it, and then 1 player goes away for more than alloted will it delete what they have done? Been seeing an issue this wipe where parts of builds will dissapear for players in groups, even with other players on the tc.. if we wipe them from the TC it stops, is this intended? If so, we have not had an issue with it doing this until now, do you know why? any help would be appreicated, thank you. 

What do you mean by "wipe them from TC"? But no, it should be based off entity owner AND authorized players on TC. misticos#2334

ok i see then, have had a few players in groups of 2-4. one player in the group will have been offline for the allotted time but the rest have not. The entire build gets marked for purge and starts to get cleaned up... thankfully we caught it in time in most instances. all other party members were on the TC and helped build the structure. They come back from an oil rig run and half the base is gone in chunks because the plugin tried to cleanup the base. It doesnt happen all the time but does occasionally happen out of nowhere, even with teammates on the tc and online. any idea what might cause this?

dm me in discord please misticos#2334

Was this resolved?  Seeing the issue.  Thank you