Feature request - natural decaySuggestion

I'm not sure how difficult this is, but would it be possible to have an alternative method of removing a base? What I'm thinking is an option where when the time limit is met, instead of purging the base completely, remove all the resources from the TC instead so that it decays naturally.

This would then give wandering players an opportunity to help themselves to any loot they might find when for example a door falls off. 🙂


may the option for only purge ToolCupboard. That would be realy nice.

I was thinking more along the lines of remove particular resources, set in the config. Would this removal of resources be an idea for a completely new plugin?

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of removing or ejecting the resources from the Tool Cupboard and then just letting Rust do its own thing.

Yes it would be nice if the TC was the only thing purged so other players could collect the loot.

Yes! This is the exact feature I want. I would say destroy the TC and leave whatever was in it on the floor in loot bags. As the structure decays, people can loot it.

oh yes that would be great, I would even donate or buy the plugin. 😀

TmGjxxcv66549OM.png Kobani

oh yes that would be great, I would even donate or buy the plugin. 😀

So would I! Please make this happen!