A player who hasn't joined in a few months.Solved

On my server, a player who came to play for the first time in months had his entire house destroyed in a reboot the next day.

Here is the setup.
"Purge Settings": [
"Permission": "autopurge.12d",
"Lifetime": "12d"
"Permission": "autopurge.notpurgeme",
"Lifetime": "none"
"Purge Timer Frequency": 64800.0,
"Purge On Startup": true,
"Entities Per Step": 512,
"Purge Building Blocks": true,
"Purge Deployables": true,
"Purge Sleepers": false,
"Use Logs": true

The Purge log is this.

[14:51:19] Marked 765610------0 as suitable for purge (Last seen: 11/02/2021 07:00)

Sure, he hasn't been here in months, but I feel sorry for him that the next day it's all destroyed...
Should I change the "Purge Timer Frequency": 64800.0? need change 900?

mind contacting me in discord? misticos#2334

ok, send requaest

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We found out that it was caused by a server crash or the server not shutting down properly.

A workaround existed and he provided us with a fix. He is a good developer.

This problem has been solved.

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