Error when trying to set a permission.

Hi, I seem to have a problem setting the config file.
What I'm trying to do is set one permission for all players that are not VIP to be purged after 7 days of not being active. Then have another permission that is for the VIP players not to get purged.

Here is my config file:

  "Purge Settings": [
      "Permission": "defaultplayers",
      "Lifetime": "7d"
      "Permission": "vipnoautopurge",
      "Lifetime": "none"
  "Purge Timer Frequency": 900.0,
  "Purge On Startup": false,
  "Entities Per Step": 512,
  "Purge Building Blocks": true,
  "Purge Deployables": true,
  "Purge Sleepers": true,
  "Use Logs": true

When I reload the plugin I get in the console an error:

Missing plugin name prefix 'autopurge.' for permission 'defaultplayers' (by plugin 'Auto Purge')
Missing plugin name prefix 'autopurge.' for permission 'vipnoautopurge' (by plugin 'Auto Purge')

How can I fix this?

Add the prefix to the permissions - it should be "autopurge.defaultplayers" instead and "autopurge.vipnoautopurge"

Oh, my bad I did not know this at all. Thanks for replying Misticos <3

I do have a question If I leave the 1st permission empty with 7d and then give the VIP a permission autopurge.vipnoautopurge with none will this work or are VIP still going to get wiped as the empty permission would be for everyone? 

ys it indeed should work this way