Suggestion anti raid blockFixed

Can i suggest to add on the plugin anti raid block and anti combat block?

What would this block do?

Changing your "auto-code" doesn't change any of the codes on existing locks, it only effects newly placed code locks.
Do you just want it so that when blocked, code locks just act normally?

when they are in a middle of raid the can use an advantage this codelock to add fast a door with a codelock locked.

just add raidblock and combatblock from noescape plugin to not use autocodelock when they are raidblock or combatlog

Alright, I can probably add this pretty easy. I'll add it as opt-in feature server admins can enable.

Merged post

Released in v1.5

  • Requires premissions and/or noescape.combat.buildblock

let me know if there are any issues with it.

Thank you!

Locked automatically