Using deprecated hook 'OnRecycleItem'Fixed
[Oxide] 04:16 [Warning] 'ArmorNotForever v1.0.4' is using deprecated hook 'OnRecycleItem', which will stop working on Saturday, 31 December 2022. Please ask the author to update to 'OnItemRecycle(Item item, Recycler recycler)'

If you are comfortable updating the C# file you just replace the old with the new hook.

Flames is in the Ukraine and may still have difficulty updating these things.

I can help explain or provide an update if you'd like, I respond quickest on Discord.


Oh yea I already updated my C# file, just leaving it here for future reference / update :)

Check this out!

@NoxiousPluK check out that link. =)

New version being tested.

As always seems just fine!

Fixed in the next update, thanks for the info.

Thanks so much to all of you. Stay strong @Flames <3