V1.0.9 - Facemask Not Protecting nor Taking DamageNot An Issue

Hello @Flames, I am a tester, and today I am testing your Armor Not Forever, V1.0.9

Please review video : https://youtu.be/kTMEPk8PyMs

I am having issues whereas the FACEMASK & KILT is not taking damage at all, I am using other plugs like BotReSpawn. Don't know if this has anything to do with it.

Also I think this version is now a bit too OP for all that damage i was taking it only brought the armor only like 5%
JUST Got done testing 1.0.7 and this one looks like it's working PERFECTLY!  So please go back to 1.0.7 i think this version is great. I will use this one for now!! :)

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Just got done testing v1.0.8 i think is much better (disregard last) .  Anyhow here's a video of how quick it breaks with eoka pistols (and from a distance) . and get all this Broken armor text...

I was unable to reproduce this error, more information needed.

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