Community PSA and my departure

So, as a few of you may have seen, one of the individuals mentioned above that has been posing as me has sought to dox me (exposing my private information) as well as that individual potentially sending illegal and illicit photos and threats to others that try to stand against his criminal schemes. Those of us who have been affected by the individual in question will be taking legal actions against them. It's unfortunate that people seek to hurt, harm, and otherwise ruin projects and the lives of individuals who are providing something for little to nothing for others to enjoy...

With that being said, I hope that everyone remains safe, uses common sense, and avoids getting involved in anything they shouldn't be.

I will be bowing out of the project though, it's been a long 14 years in the open-source gaming community, but my personal well-being and that of my family is worth more. I appreciate everything everyone has put into both the Oxide and uMod projects throughout the years, and I hope that those remaining are able to see it through.

Thank you to @everyone who has been an upstanding member of our community and supported the original developers of it. I'm sure they appreciate the contributions that allow them to continue to make original works and allows them to do something that they find enjoyable.

As far as Oxide updates are concerned, @MrBlue has been helping with those over the past year as able, and I hope he can continue to going forward. The long-awaited uMod project is still progressing as well, and I hope that one day it will be released and be able to be something beneficial to.

I won't be spending much time on here anymore, as I'm hopefully going to try to let it others take the reigns from here on out. If you are an established and known developer in our community and are willing to contribute, please reach out to @MrBlue to see if he can find something for you that fits.

Thanks again, and maybe you'll see me around? This is my only Discord profile, I go by no other aliases, and I am only on for Rust-related modding. Be smart, be safe, and please don't support those that hurt others.

Previous announcement on Discord for reference:

Hey @everyone, I know many may already know about this growing concern as we've shared this information between the affected parties and we've been approached by various concerned community members, but please use caution and common sense when searching for paid plugins, as there are a number of less than reputable websites that take paid plugins from various marketplaces/sites to resell or give away without having any right to do so.

These sites are taking advantage of both developers and the names/identities of individuals, such as myself, for their own personal benefit. Keep in mind that supporting these sort of marketplaces/sites will not end well being as at least one is ran by an individual with a known criminal record and has made personal threats to various members of our community and others from which they've stolen from. We would strongly advise discontinuing support for any questionable sites dealing with paid plugins taken from the more well-known and reputable sites, request refunds for any purchases with your payment provider, and safeguarding any personal information that may have been transmitted to the sites in question.

While we are still working on our own marketplace, it has taken longer than expected, but we do still plan on rolling it out as able. Until that time, I would keep your search for paid plugins limited to sites such as,, and I'm sure there may be others, just be careful and cautious.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the reputability of a site, feel free to reach out to any of our admin!

I for one will miss you greatly , Over the last 7+ years i have always seen that you have always been a rational guide with  immense patience in dealing with (to my mind) endless repeats of the same questions and have answered them again and again with little annoyance, I hope that whatever concerns you will be overcome and that you enjoy life with your family and friends,

Thank you for all the work and support you did for the community. The rust modding community would not be where it is without you. have fun with your future project and take care of your family

You and your well-being are the most important person and thing in your life, just like your family. You've brought many opportunities to quite a lot of us within all these years and it has been such a great time seeing you around. All the best to you and take care.

sorry to see you go Wulf - you have been a great help in the past and wont be forgotten.Take care.
What is going on in the rust modding scene where people have started do x x ing people - its beyond crazy and childish.

Thank you for everything you have done for this community. Hope to see you again some day! :)

Thank you. Sad to see you go. Im just a guy who comes on the website to try new plugins and such, but every thread I searched trying to help myself with a plugin I always see you answering and trying to help others. thanks a lot

Thank you Wulf for everything.

Thank you for your help

No one should have to put up with such behaviour. Stay safe and well. Be kind, be humankind!

Thank you Wulf, for everything you have done for the community. We will miss you greatly.

Sorry to see you go man, I've been inactive for a long time. You were always an integral part of the community.