After such a long wait, we are glad to finally bring some news regarding the uMod marketplace that many seem eager to make use of.


 uMod Development

With uMod reaching its final stage, there are not many new developments to report on. That being said, testing and bug fixing is still ongoing with backwards compatibility for plugins using Oxide.MySql and Oxide.Sqlite, which are replaced with uMod.MySql and uMod.Sqlite which will be available for the forseeable future until the new database driver is fully adopted.



We would like to thank a few people who have been kind enough to take the reigns with a few previously unmaintained plugins.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to your contributions.



Development in the past few weeks has shifted now to the long awaited uMod marketplace. So far the deployment methods are functional as per our testing, however there is still more work to be done.

For server owners:
To make use of any plugins you purchase from the site, you will first need to install the marketplace extension and then put your personal token in the extension’s configuration file. After that, plugin installation will work the same way as any other plugin, using the uMod Agent.


For developers:
To combat the issue of private work being leaked and or shared between users, the uMod marketplace implements remote streaming as a deployment method. Using this method, the server does not directly download the plugin and obfuscation can be applied if the developer chooses. If you would rather, the second option is the standard method of direct download, where the plugin is downloaded to the server like any other uMod plugin. The downside to this is that obfuscation will not be possible with this method. The choice of deployment method and obfuscation will be in the hands of the developer.


Something worth noting is that Oxide plugins will be accepted onto the marketplace and will work the same as uMod plugins, however they will not work with Oxide.

Do not worry if this did not answer all questions you have as we will provide more information about how the marketplace works soon.


 Next Steps

After the completion of uMod and the marketplace, the aim will be shifted again to a website redesign in which marketplace support will be added.