It's been a little while since the last update however I can assure you uMod is still in the works with the uMod team working hard to get it ready for release.

 uMod Development

Again, more progress has been made in the way for uMod, with many more bug fixes and optimisations with some new features. Some of note are:

  • Support for multipart/form-data web requests.
  • Ability to reconfigure uMod at runtime without requiring a restart.
  • Expanded sandbox functionality to provide more security for infrastructure providers.
  • "GetPermissionUsers" returns a list of player ids instead of player names.
  • Support for TOML files for the lang provider.
  • Fixed importing player/group data from one driver to another (protobuf to sqlite/mysql and vice versa).
  • New global cache for all uMod packages to reduce bandwidth costs for multi-server shared hosts.
  • Ability to run some uMod Agent commands from the server console.

Thank you to those who provide quality feedback, it is greatly appreciated.


There have been a few more users successfully getting their first plugin through the submission process.
Welcome to the community, and thank you for your contributions.

 Upcoming Events

TBADev Talk
  • uMod development progress
  • Feedback, suggestions and general discussion

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