Nothing works for farming/harvestingNot An Issue

I've tried for the past 6 hours of rarity 1.0 to 99.0, 50.0 to 50.0 and nothing I've harvested in every stage of the hemp plant and get nothing but seeds and cloth.. Is this update required or can I go back to the last advance gather?

I liked being able to plant a hemp seed and get blueberries but now nothing works right and 100's of crops are lost 
and yes I have "Enable Berry Drops from Hemp": true,

Did you enable the global drop chance? if not then of course it's not going to drop anything. Unless you have something on you relating to the other drop chance multipliers which sounds like you didn't. 

Also, if you modify the berries drop chances you must make sure they all total a value of 100. 

yes I tried everything even to equal all and still got nothing I tried to delete everything and started over and it only gave tea berries with a 1 in 50 pick and never dropped black raspberries at all.. All I want are black raspberries and blueberries, when I grew them it dropped nothing but cloth.. And yes  it was set to true, the global drop chance was default to true. i tried 100 and downed it all the wat to 10 in increments of 10 and still did nothing. When you grow plants it drops nothing but cloth and seeds... I just went back to the old one..

Myself and many others are able to get it to work just fine without issues. So unless you would like support on discord so that I can walk you through it Khan#8615

I'll be closing this thread