Request: Re-add bonuses for farmed plants.Suggestion

Basically what it says on the label, the previous version had a bonus chance for picking farmed crops.

Also, if possible, it'd be nice to be able to enable a bonus to the amount given from farmed crops too.

Cheers and thanks for your mod!

It does have a variable range chance for how much biofuel they can get for each one while farming Corn, Potato's, Pumpkins. 

You may have to generate a new config-if any values are null inside it 

Thanks, I forced it to make a new config, can see the added fields for clones now. Would it be possible to get that for hemp too, if it's not a hassle?

Like a random range chance on the amount of each individual berry? 

instead of a preset amount

More just an entry for HempClone

Can you elaborate a bit for me about the kind of entry you would like for the hempclone?

Basically the same entry for Hemp, that has berry types, rarity, etc but allows it to be customised for a clone like with Pumpkin and PumpkinClones, etc.