Suggestion: Allow for a broadcast option.Suggestion

I know that the most recent update has removed the language file, but I've seen it's sometimes easy to miss things dropping. For example, when cutting trees, not knowing an apple has dropped means I won't look for it. 

The language file allowed for us to notice that something had dropped, and to go look for it. I do understand if this is not possible with the current version, I suppose it will just be a case of re-learning how this is now. Admittedly, I'm not good with change, and have used this plugin for years haha.

I can add something like popup notification support I suppose that would announce to the player either in chat or as a popup display msg on the top right. 

Is this something you would be alright with?

Don't worry yourself too much, I understand this is a complete re-write of the plugin, so if you do not want to take this in that direction, I'm sure we can learn this new way :)


But to answer your question, a notification would be great for us that do not have the option to put into inventory turned on :)