Apples aren't dropping with new version.Not An Issue

EDIT: I'm a fool. This is mostly working, I just didn't enable permissions.


Further edit: Apples only drop if global chance is enabled. If that is false, it doesn't work.

EDIT: See above post

Ah, thanks I'll submit an update to address this today

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I've updated the documentation as well about the permission being required in order for it to affect the players 

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Okie so how it works is if the global default chance is off or on it adds it to the total chance of something dropping.

So by default, I provide some pre-added options like JackHammer, axe.salvaged, rock 

as well as items/clothes that people can wear to add a chance % of stuff dropping 

Essentially if a player has none of these when farming a tree. There chance % (with global default off ) is going to be 0%. Which means they get nothing. 

All of these are changeable inside the config.