GUI notices instead of chat messagesSuggestion
Instead of it doing a "chat" announcement of "you got a berry" what about doing it like this?
so it announces "berries +0x" or low-grade

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question, can you use: 

.giveto {playername} apple 1

versus using:


The difference between the two (that I have seen) top one is basically an RCON / F1 (with permissions) command that gives you that "Apple" +1 notification on the right but always does a global broadcast.

Any help in what direction to turn this ship would be appreciated :) 

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if the plugin author is interested, the answer to adding bottom right side pop-up notification:

#Regional Variables
public int Count​

#Regional Hooks
enablePopups = Convert.ToBoolean(GetVariable("Option", "Enable broadcast", true));​

void OnCollectiblePickup(Item item, BasePlayer player)

//Get berry from hemp
if ("Cloth"))
if (Oxide.Core.Random.Range(0, 100) < berryChance)
//player.inventory.GiveItem(ItemManager.CreateByName(berryItem, Oxide.Core.Random.Range(berryAmountMin, berryAmountMin + 1)));
Count = Oxide.Core.Random.Range(berryAmountMin, berryAmountMin + 1);
player.inventory.GiveItem(ItemManager.CreateByItemID(berryItem, Count), player.inventory.containerMain);
player.Command("note.inv", berryItem, Count);

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"When you can't edit your post because the post just merged with a previous post of yours"  OP should always be able to edit their own post(s).
I’ve taken over the plugin and am working on giving it an entire facelift.
Thank you for your contributions and I’ll be sure to update this with the next update.
Thanks :)

Hello, the latest edition now does this by default. And no longer has a lang file.