With the web portion of the Marketplace is essentially done, we're nearing the launch of the Marketplace! Right now the launch is awaiting the swap to uMod, a couple issues with the standalone WebClient (for secure communication with the website) to resolve, and the uMod.Marketplace (plugin streaming, distribution, etc.) and uMod.Manager (plugin updating, installation, etc.) extensions. We don't have an exact date for the launch yet, but we'll be sure to let everyone know when we do.


You may have wondered what this is... well, the easiest way to put it is that it's a standalone tool that we've developed using the latest .NET technologies to bypass the web request restrictions and limitations of Unity/Mono/each game that we support. We decided to go this route instead of a random third-party library as it allows us total freedom and avoids unnecessary costs while making sure that web requests are always capable of the latest HTTP security standards. This will also allow plugins that currently have issues communication with SSL-enabled sites to work again!


The import process is back in full swing! This has been a tedious process, and has taken longer than expected due to the amount of formatting and verification neccessary to make sure that the documentation and plugins themselves are fully migrated. Right now there are currently 23 pages of unpublished plugins to finish reviewing.


We do still have some unclaimed resources, so if you're a developer interested in taking over some resources, check out the list of unclaimed plugins (must be logged in). Please keep in mind that if you are an unknown developer with no resources of your own, we'd recommend creating some of your own works before claiming an established plugin.


With a lot of our time being spent on the change to uMod with the core projects, the upcoming Marketplace, the related projects for the Marketplace, and personal matters causing the reviewing of public plugin submissions to be slow; we've decided to put together a team of select community members to help with the reviewing process. This will help speed up the approval process and allow the core development team to focus on the other aspects of the project and website. The goal of the team is to find potential issues, check for malicious code, and to make sure that the plugin follows our general guidelines and standards for public plugins.


Since Oxide was originally released at the end of 2013 by the original developer Thomas, the domain names and assets for it were always held by third-party hosts and never in the hands of the development team. We are pleased to announce that we finally have those domain names in our hands! While we will not be actively utilizing the domain names, we will be keeping a static copy of the old website in its current state at for informational purposes.


We have started a Discord (this is in addition to the Discord exclusively for developers in our community) for discussion and community events. While we are planning to have the Discord linked to our site, you can for the time being join using this link. Keep in mind that this is not for instant support, but feel free to chat and get to know some of the community more.

As always, thank you for your patience and being part of our community as it grows!