Allows players with permission to become truly invisible

Supported Games

Vanish allows players with permission to become completely invisible. Players, turrets, helicopters, NPCs, etc. will not be able to see, hear, or touch you!

Note: While vanished, you can hear players but they will be unable to hear you. You are invisible to them and essentially do not exist to them. Even if they walk right through you they DO NOT know of your existence.

NEW: Performance mode added! Enable it in the config file for much better performance. Note: Admins will not be able to see eachother while this mode is active.


  • vanish.use -- Required to go invisible
  • vanish.damage.buildings -- Allows player to damage buildings
  • vanish.damage.animals -- Allows player to hurt animals while vanished
  • vanish.damage.players -- Allows player to hurt players while vanished
  • vanish.abilities.invulnerable -- Makes player invulnerable while vanished. Allows codelocks to be used without making a noise. god 1 also grants this. It also blocks noise without either of these so long as you aren't authed on the codelock
  • vanish.abilities.teleport -- Allows player to teleport while vanished
  • vanish.abilities.hideweapons -- Prevents weapons from being seen while vanished (read carefully!)
  • vanish.indefinite -- Forces the vanished player to always remain vanished.


This plugin provides universal chat and console commands. When using a command in the chat, prefix it with a forward slash: /.

  • vanish -- Toggle invisibility on/off for self


  "Image URL for vanish icon (.png or .jpg)": "",
  "Performance mode (true/false)": false,
  "Play sound effect (true/false)": true,
  "Show visual indicator (true/false)": true,
  "Vanish timeout (seconds, 0 to disable)": 0,
  "Visible to admin (true/false)": false,
  "Command cooldown (seconds, 0 to disable)": 0,
  "Daily limit (amount, 0 to disable)": 0,
  "Sound effect prefab": "assets/prefabs/npc/patrol helicopter/effects/rocket_fire.prefab",
  "Appear while wounded": false,
  "Appear while running": false,
  "Bypass Antihack": false,
  "Image Color": "1 1 1 0.3",
  "Image AnchorMin": "0.175 0.017",
  "Image AnchorMax": "0.22 0.08"

Developer API

if (Vanish != null) value = Vanish.Call<bool>("IsInvisible", player);



  • Nogrod, for all the help along the way. Cheers!
  • Jake_Rich, for helping maintain the plugin
  • Wulf, the original author of this plugin
  • dcode, for the awesome icon
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