Official plugin for the Tebex Store donation platform

Supported Games

What Is Tebex?

Tebex (formally known as Buycraft) is a leading server donation / monetization platform. We've been around for 7 years now, initially focused on the Minecraft industry, but over the past year we've branched out into a number of new games. We are delighted to announce the release of our new plugin, bringing the experience we've gained processing over 17 million payments to new communities!


To start, nothing! We offer a free plan which allows you to get up and running with a Tebex webstore. As you start to grow or if you need more advanced features then we have a range of plans to suit your use case.


We are aware there are other alternatives out there that do what we do, however they tend to be focused around RCON or mySQL. We support RCON and mySQL connections, but we also have a plugin that allows a direct integration, including checking if a player is online, checking they have enough inventory space (coming soon!) and more.

To find out more, please visit


  1. Download the plugin from the plugins section of the Tebex Control Panel (recommended) or from
  2. Drag and drop the file into the plugins directory (this is often different from the main plugins directory) folder in your server files.
  3. If your server is already running, the plugin should load automatically. If not, you can reload the plugin.
  4. Type the following command in the console (Replace the secret key with your secret key found on the servers section of the control panel. Click edit on your server to find the secret key):

tebex:secret (Your Secret Key)

If you cannot enter console commands (for example on a game that doesn't support console commands or your hosting provider doens't allow it) you can manually enter the secret key into the config file genreated by the plugin.

That's everything set up! A message will appear giving you confirmation of a successful installation. To check if the plugin has been installed enter the tebex:info command and it will show you a list of the commands which you can use from the plugin.


tebex:info Get details about the webstore this plugin is connected to

tebex:forcecheck Trigger the process to check for new commands that are due to be executed

tebex:secret <secret> Connect this server to the platform using your secret key

buy Returns the URL to the webstore as a chat response

This plugin is unlicensed and the original author reserves all rights to it.

The original author may request that this plugin be removed and there is a risk that the plugin may be unavailable in the future.

Note that the current maintainer may not have permission to assign a license to the plugin if they are not the original author, so explicit permission would need to be obtained from the original author in order for the plugin to remain openly available and guarantee that it will be around for all to enjoy going forward.