Multiple teleportation systems for admins and players

Supported Games

See note below about nteleportation.home permission, which is now required for basic function. This finally allows control over who may use the basic commands.


  • UseFriends - Check via Friends API, Clans (rework in progress), or Rust:IO if owner and player are friends
  • UseEconomics - Use the Economics plugin to pay for teleports and/or pay to bypass cooldowns
  • UseServerRewards - Use the ServerRewards plugin to pay for teleports and/or pay to bypass cooldowns
  • WipeOnUpgradeOrChange - If true, wipe homes in the event of any change to the following:
    • Map seed (whether set manually or automatically)
    • World size (map size, e.g. 4000)
    • Save version (monthly wipe)
    • Level (changing from Procedural Map to HapisIsland, etc.)
    • Level URL (typically only for custom map usage)
      • WARNING: Do not edit values in the GameVersion section yourself as they will be automatically read from the running server. If changed otherwise and this flag is set true, the homes will be wiped. PLEASE be careful with this and save your data folder just in case.
  • UsableOutOfBuildingBlocked - Allows a player to teleport out of building blocked area (not into)
  • AllowAboveFoundation - Allows to set homes on Nth floor of a building when above owned/shared foundation
  • VIPCooldowns/VIPDailyLimits/VIPHomesLimits/VIPCountdowns:
  "Settings": {
    "ChatName": "<color=red>Teleportation</color>: ",
    "HomesEnabled": true,
    "TPREnabled": true,
    "TownEnabled": true,
    "InterruptTPOnHurt": true,
    "InterruptTPOnSafe": true,
    "InterruptTPOnCold": false,
    "InterruptTPOnHot": false,
    "InterruptTPOnBalloon": true,
    "InterruptTPOnCargo": true,
    "InterruptTPOnRig": false,
    "InterruptTPOnExcavator": false,
    "InterruptTPOnLift": true,
    "InterruptTPOnMonument": false,
    "InterruptTPOnMounted": true,
    "InterruptTPOnSwimming": true,
    "InterruptAboveWater": false,
    "MinimumTemp": 0,
    "MaximumTemp": 40,
    "DefaultMonumentSize": 50.0,
    "CaveDistanceSmall": 40.0,
    "CaveDistanceMedium": 60.0,
    "CaveDistanceLarge": 100.0,
    "BlockedItems": {},
    "BypassCMD": "pay",
    "UseEconomics": false,
    "UseServerRewards": false,
    "WipeOnUpgradeOrChange": false
    "GameVersion": {
    "Network": 2180,
    "Save": 180,
    "Level": "Procedural Map",
    "LevelURL": "",
    "WorldSize": 4000,
    "Seed": 7777
"VIPCooldowns": {
    "<permission name1>": <limit1>,
    "<permission name2>": <limit2>,
    "<permission nameN>": <limitN>
  "Home": {
    "HomesLimit": 10,
    "VIPHomesLimits": {
      "": 20
    "Cooldown": 120,
    "Countdown": 5,
    "DailyLimit": 100,
    "AllowCave": true,
   "Pay": 0,
   "Bypass": 0
   "TPR": {
    "Cooldown": 600,
    "Countdown": 5,
    "DailyLimit": 5,
    "VIPDailyLimits": {
      "": 5
    "VIPCooldowns": {
      "": 5
    "VIPCountdowns": {
      "": 5
    "RequestDuration": 30,
    "OffsetTPRTarget": true,
    "BlockTPAOnCeiling": true,
    "CupOwnerAllowOnBuildingBlocked": true,

Multiple entries for different levels of vip can be created here. The default and included entry is for Others added here will cause the plugin to register oxide permissions for them upon plugin reload. After the permissions have been created, they can be assigned to oxide users or groups as desired.

If Pay is set for /home, /tpr, or /town, and Economics or ServerRewards is available, using these commands will withdraw the configured amount from their balance.

If Bypass is set for /home, /tpr, or /town, and Economics or ServerRewards is available, using these commands during a cooldown period will ask if the player wants to pay to bypass the cooldown. Note that if you elect to bypass cooldown by paying for a /tpr, you will pay the bypass cost even if the target does not accept via /tpa. Only after a successful /tpa and teleport will you pay the Pay cost, if configured.

This also requires the global setting BypassCMD. This is a keyword to use for the bypass, e.g.:

  • /town pay
  • /home 1 pay

You must also set UseEconomics to true to enable this usage of the Economics plugin. You may also set UseServerRewards to true to enable usage of the ServerRewards plugin. If both are set to true, Economics will be checked first.

For the InterruptTPOnCold/Hot settings, be careful adjusting the default values for MinimumTemp and MaximumTemp. The user will only display Cold/Hot between 0 and 40C. Otherwise they will likely be confused. However, negative values for MinimumTemp should be possible.

If InterruptTpOnHurt is true, the teleport may still be interrupted when hot/cold even if InterruptTPOnCold/Hot are false. This is because the player is taking damage when hot or cold.

The CaveDistance{Small/Medium/Large} settings are available to tweak distance from caves required when AllowCave == false inside of the Home/Town/TPR config sections. Anything within those distances (from the player) should be blocked.

DefaultMonumentSize: This is required if InterruptTPOnMonument is set to true. Many monuments do not present their size when queried - at least how we are currently doing it. For those that do not, this will be the default distance required for using /home, etc.


  • nteleportation.home - /home, /sethome, /removehome
  • nteleportation.deletehome - /home delete & /deletehome
  • nteleportation.homehomes - /home homes & /homehomes
  • nteleportation.importhomes - teleport.importhomes
  • nteleportation.radiushome - /home radius & /radiushome
  • - /tp
  • nteleportation.tpb - /tpb
  • nteleportation.tpr - /tpr
  • nteleportation.tpconsole - teleport.topos & teleport.toplayer
  • nteleportation.tphome - /home tp & /tphome
  • nteleportation.tptown - /town
  • nteleportation.tpn - /tpn
  • nteleportation.tpl - /tpl
  • nteleportation.tpremove - /tpremove
  • nteleportation.tpsave - /tpsave
  • nteleportation.wipehomes - /wipehomes
  • nteleportation.crafthome - allow craft while home tp
  • nteleportation.crafttown - allow craft while town tp
  • nteleportation.crafttpr - allow craft while tpr tp



  • home add NAME - Saves your current position as the location NAME. (alias sethome)
  • home list - Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved. (alias listhomes)
  • home remove NAME - Removes the location NAME from your saved homes. (alias removehome)
  • home NAME - Teleports you to the home location.
  • home NAME pay - Teleports you to the home location NAME, bypassing cooldown by paying from your Economics balance.
  • tpr - Sends a teleport request to the player.
  • tpa - Accepts an incoming teleport request.
  • tpc - Cancel teleport or request.
  • town - Teleports yourself to town.
  • town pay - Teleports you to town, bypassing cooldown by paying from your Economics balance.
  • tpinfo - Shows limits and cooldowns.
  • tphelp - Shows help.


  • tp - Teleports yourself to the target player.
  • tp - Teleports the player to the target player.
  • tp - Teleports you to the set of coordinates.
  • tpl - Shows a list of saved locations.
  • tpl {name} - Teleports you to a saved location.
  • tpsave - Saves your current position as the location name.
  • tpremove - Removes the location from your saved list.
  • tpb - Teleports you back to the place where you were before teleporting.
  • home radius - Find all homes in radius.
  • home delete - Remove a home from a player.
  • home tp - Teleports you to the home location with the name 'name' from the player.
  • home homes - Shows you a list of all homes from the player.
  • home wipe - Removes all homes.
  • town set - Saves the current location as town.
  • wipehomes - Removes all homes.


  • teleport.topos - teleports player to position
  • teleport.toplayer - teleports player to targetplayer
  • teleport.importhomes - imports homes from m-Teleportation

For Developers

Dictionary GetHomes(object playerObj) // param playerObj string/ulong userId  
int GetLimitRemaining(BasePlayer player, string type) // param type: home, tpr, town  
int GetCooldownRemaining(BasePlayer player, string type) // param type: home, tpr, town


  • Nogrod, the original author of this plugin
  • Loup-des-Neiges of [FR], for helping and fundng this plugin
  • CMEPTb, Russian translation

    For Server Owners:

    Do not use unlicensed code because an unlicensed plugin is dangerous to your server's feature availability.

    For Developers:

    Do not integrate with unlicensed code as it is possible your integrations will break permanently without recourse.


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