Is there some secret to getting your servers to show up on I can't seem to get my servers to show up on the list when using the search engine, although using and work just fine, as well as using and I can't seem to figure out why it's not popping up when searching. I am able to find my servers under the Modded list just fine on Rust so Steam is obviously picking up my servers and relatively quickly after boot as well. I get no errors when booting RustIO and it seems like it checks out when actually loading, I've tried deleting my data files for RustIO as well as config and just re-doing config afterwards but to no avail. It seems like my 5x I HAD up seems to have popped up on the list as it is the only one that pops up when I type "Geurilla" but it's down so IDK why it would still show up. I have my config set to ip: and I've tried setting it to the PUBLIC IP address that was given to me by NFOServers. This is a Dedicated server, the ports are showing open just fine on port scanners etc. NFO says it's not on their end after looking into it. Could anyone shed some light on this?