Need a developer and also other staff
I'm launching a server. It's hard for me alone to do everything by myself. I'm looking for someone who can configure plugins and help me out. I'm also looking for designers, general staff, admins, etc.

Here's a little description of the server.

Contact us at or join our Discord at
The people who visit this forum are all server owners/admins running their own servers, I can't think of any reason why anyone here would want to drop what they're doing to go and help you. I do everything by myself, it's not that hard. If your server becomes busy then the best people to recruit as admins are your own players.
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Thank you for your reply ! So far I am doing everything myself, the forum, the promotion, the server, I've already configured 25% of the server myself. It's hard though and very time wasting to do everything by yourself, that's why I'm trying to reach out. I've already been contacted by 3 people so I believe it was a success even though you say there are only owners here.

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