Giving kits on each spawn?Solved
i guess this feature is quite common, i was still not able to find it in the existing plugins.

I want my players to start with specific items after each death (instead of troch and stone).
Including New Players to the server.

Can you recommend an existing plugin, or help me otherwise?

The kits plugin does exactly that , "auto kits" gives every new player a kit on entry into the server, you can configure for respawn kit cooldown and extra kits as rewards for time on server using a ranking plugin,
Also kits For Admin, Vips and specific (created) groups or for "bots" (npc")  in Botspawn plugin

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Thank you very much.
I've installed now:

1. Create a kit in the plugin "Kits", which will be given later.
(Opt. 1A Set "hide" to "true" if you don't want to see this new kit in the /kits menu)
(Opt. 1B Set "npconly" to "true" if you don't want people to reward this kit via the "/kit kitName" command, ...if they would know the name)
2. Copy the Name of the Kit to the "CustomAutoKits"-Config
3. Provide the permission for this kit to the group/user you want
4. All Items in the kit will be given to the player who "respawns", which means after every death and if the person joins the server for the first time.