Auto kits not applying with combat/raid blocked

Does anyone have a fix for this?
I even have these settings:

    "UnblockWhen": {
      "death": true,
      "respawn": true,
      "wakeup": true

I set these to true and yet they still are blocked and spawn naked. (Or at least spawn naked)
It seems the unblock options either don't work or I am just not understanding something here?
Is it correct that you are blocking Kits with this plugin?
My apologies I forgot to state that. I am using the Rust Kits plugin and it is preventing users from spawning with the auto kit when they die while blocked.
So is there no fix for this? @Calytic

This. You need an option to not block autokits. Why is it not considered yet?

+1 Highly recommended.

Do It