Operate while vehicle runningSolved

Would it be possible to have a way to operate these when the vehicle is running? 

I was just thinking about how these make for perfect raid defense, but if someone has to man the vehicle it might be a little more prohibitive. 

It would probably be pretty simple to ensure they are only powered while the car is running. So when the car engine starts, the turrets come online. When the car engine stops, the turrets go offline. When a player switches a turret on while the car is off, it can print in chat that it won't turn on yet for that reason.

I will add this to my list to implement in the next few weeks. It will be a config option.


I've implemented the necessary changes in v1.3.0. However, be aware that due to an Oxide bug with the OnEngineStopped hook introduced this month, the feature will probably not work correctly. I developed the feature alongside the latest unreleased Oxide, so the feature should start working for you when you install the future Oxide update.


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