Allow items with condition to be purchased in bulkSuggestion

is there a way to buy multiple items at one time instead of 1 purchase at a time i added sam sites to bandit but cany onlu purchse 1 at a time 

That's a vanilla limitation. If the item you want to by has condition in vanilla (even if a plugin has disabled condition on it), the Rust client will only let you enter a value of 1.

There are some tricks the plugin could do to workaround it. For example, the plugin could "fake" the item by using a different item that has no condition, and display an image overlay. However, this would result in the name being wrong when you hover the mouse cursor over the item, the map marker would display the wrong name unless overriden, and the item image would look wrong in the drone marketplace (unless we apply even more hacks like skinning it and uploading a skin to workshop with the Sam Site image).

Another option we could explore would be to place buttons on top of the vanilla buttons, and a text box on top of the vanilla text box. Previously, I dismissed this approach because custom text boxes were buggy, but Facepunch fixed them a few months ago, so I will consider this approach in the future.

thanks for the reply