Copying ammo to turrets and SAM?

is it posible to copy the ammo in the turrets ? I paste some raidable bases, with lots of turret, I can't set ammo for all turrets, it will take too much time :/

before the turret ammo where copied, but not until last wipe

i'm having the same issue, seems the wiring isn't pasting either.  I'm unable to even check or fill a turret after it's been pasted.
Same issue
Is there any word on a fix for this?  It's basically useless for me as i cant put turrets in bases used for raiding.
There was a change/opitmization with wires in the last Rust update and the way the plugin is storing wire joint positions is now causing an offset to the positions.
Is this going to be fixed in this mod as well as getting ammo to paste in turrets?  I'm having to replace each turret in the bases i paste and it's pretty time consuming.  I haven't found another mod to copy-paste yet.
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please please please make an update !!!

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My server concept is broken since the ammo wasn’t copied, please make an update :(