Invincible scarecrows, can't be killed
I activated the "halloween" mode so that scarecrows appear. The "bots" of your plugins shoot at them but they never manage to kill them, as if the scarecrows were in "god" mode. By cons I manage as a player to kill these scarecrows. Why ?

There's a config option to make BotSpawn npcs "Ignore_HTN" - That would include the scarecrows.
I forgot to document it at the time, but I've added it to the overview now.

As to why BotSpawn npcs can't damage HTNPlayers, I'm not really sure.
I thought they could deal damage and kill but maybe something changed recently?
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Hi friend,
The advantage of not ignoring scarecrows is that your bots fire on them and thus give an almost permanent fighting atmosphere. Too bad that your bots do not shoot also on animals. Only with an "Ignore_HTN": true ", this desired atmosphere no longer exists.

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In fact I just noticed that with the "Murderer: false" configuration, your bots attack and kill the scarecrows and animals. Only now they do not walk normally anymore. They take two steps and then stop for two seconds, they take two steps and then stop for two seconds, and so on....