A few questions about Bot Spawn
I installed the Bot spawn Mod to my server trying to bring the server more alive for the PVE, My questions are, Is it possible to give the murders guns to use, if so how? Next question is the NPC's and the murders are too easy to kill on defualt settings, i tried to adjust the heath and aim of the Bots with no luck, as i dont quite understand how to make the settings correct or if i did change the settings not much diffrent at all from defualt.Could some one explain to me how to make the bots/muders harder to kill? I have posted the defualt settings from the mod and intructions to look at, thanks


The following options will be listed once in your data/config json for each location.
The only essential setting is AutoSpawn : True. Everything else is preference.

  • AutoSpawn- true/false
  • Allow_Rust_Loot - true/false
  • Bot_Accuracy - 0-10 - 10 is server default. < 10 is less-accurate.
  • Bot_Damage (dealt)- 1.0 is default - User setting can be higher, or lower.
  • Bot Health - 100 is default. Value can exceed 100.
  • Bot Names - [], See below
  • Bot Name Prefix - eg "NPC".
  • Bots - 10.
  • Chute - true/false
  • Disable_Radio - true/false.
  • Keep_Default_Loadout - true/false.
    Keeps Scientist/Murderer attire and weapons, in addition to your custom kits.
  • Kit - [],
  • Location - Data only - Do not change manually.
  • Murderer - True/False
    Spawns the 'running zombie' murderer prefab instead of Scientist.
  • Parent_Monument - eg "Dome"
    Custom profiles only - Maintains position relative to parent after map seed change.
  • Peace_Keeper- true/false
    Bots ignore you if you have no projectile/fire weapon drawn.
    Melee will do no damage to bots.
  • Peace_Keeper_CoolDown: 5 (seconds)
    Once aggravated, bots will remain hostile towards you for this period, even if you put away your weapon.
  • Radius - 200 - Size of the area in which bots will spawn.
  • Respawn_Timer- 60 seconds
  • Roam_Range - 40.
  • Sci_Aggro_Range - 30.
  • Sci_DeAggro_Range - 40.
  • Suicide_Timer - 300 seconds.
    Prevents long term build up of airdrop toplayer bots.
    Does not apply to re-spawning regular bots.
  • Wipe_Belt - true/false.
  • Wipe_Clothing - true/false.
  • Weapon_Drop_Chance - 0 = never. 100 = always.

Kits and Names should be formatted as follows:

["kit1"], for single or ["kit1","kit2", "kit3"], for many.
["name1"], for single or ["name1","name2", "name3"], for many.

BotSpawn will randomly pick one from your list.
If the number of kits is equal to the number of bots, BotSpawn will always pair them together.
Kit1 Name1, Kit2 Name2, etc.
Random names are generated for any blank entires.

In response to Zulg ():
I installed the Bot spawn Mod to my server trying to bring the server more alive for the PVE, My que...
All the information you need is in the documentation and a look at the threads already in the help section for this plugin, You dont need to post the instructions that are already shown in the documentation for the plugin, a better thing to do is to read them as they contain everything you need to know. Some points to consider.
Murderers dont use ranged weapons, Scientists do,
you can increase the heath of Murderers and Scientists,
you can increase the damage done by them,
you can increase the accuracy of the bots,
Original Poster
Ok, so murders can not use weapons like guns, and if i understand this correct the bots accuracy is already (defualt ) maxed out at 10?
"Bot_Damage (dealt)- 1.0 is default - User setting can be higher, or lower."  For this setting its not clear how high i can go so ill expriment with it!
Thanks for the help on this!