Weapon blacklist for NPCsSuggestion
Hey, I've had an idea that I think could make having bots more interesting.

Why not add a weapon blacklist (if possible) so for example and this would be configurable. The bolt action and L96 rifles wouldn't damage the bots.

As a server owner and I doubt I'm the only one, we work hard setting up the bots and finish by saying "That should slow monument looting down a little bit" Only to then watch players sit from a distance killing them with their snipers. So there's no challenge or risk to looting the monument. So if those snipers were able to be blacklisted, the players would have to run into the monument and get close to kill the bots. This presents them with a challenge, I think that would make it more interesting and fun.

As a server owner i would say no thanks, I do not know how anyone could code the plugin so that only bullets from certain weapons that use the same ammunition could harm the bots, and the scopes and other sights also fit assault rifles, L300's and M249's, And setting up bots isnt hard work, you can increase bot accuracy, increase health, increase armour, disable bot loot/weapon drop and clothing, increase radiation , limit radiation down time, and limit monument loot.
There are many other ways you can limit the amount of loot that players can gain including going vanilla, that way your players can experience all the enjoyment you want them to have.

Blacklisting damage from certain weapons would be easy enough but it would be better, I think, to just have the npcs snipe back.
I'm not sure if their current behaviour is a result of the broken hooks or if it just is how it is but, next time my server is up, I'll find out.