Changing Murderers to Scarecrows?
So is there a way to change the Murderers to Scarecrows ?
You can do what i do and use the "WIP" scarecrow outfit which is in the items names list, you can also arm them with sickles and pickaxes if you so wish, As for bots killing murderers/scientists/animals etc the hooks have been kinda broken for the last few months so they dont do exactly what you want them to do,I am happy with mine as the scientists ignore my bots and my bots ignore them but they are still being killed by animals and entities like cactus, but in the main its working great,

Hi @sabi1
No, is the short answer.
There's no way to spawn Scarecrows with BotSpawn but you can approximate their appearance and inventory as pookins says ^.

@pookins - Do you have Pve_Safe true?
If you do and cacti are hurting npcs, I can fix that.