Preventing bots in bandit camp and outpost?
How can I prevent bots from wandering into Bandit Camp or standing just outside Outpost gates? I've disabled the bots from spawning inside Bandit/Outpost, but this doesn't stop them from wandering into/near either location. The problem I'm facing on my server is that the bots are not targetted by Bandit Camp guards or Outpost turrets/scientists. The Bandit Camp guards did engage the bots when they were shot (my player hid behind a guard -- when the guard took a bullet, the bot got lit by the guards).

I need the guards/turrets to engage the bots as hostile armed agents. Is this possible? 
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And today, a bot wandered into Bandit Camp and aggro'd on a merchant. Wouldn't stop shooting. I need a solution for this. It's my player's biggest complaint. They can't retaliate. 

Npcs will only wonder as far as you let them, with roam radius.
Is your issue with Biome profiles?

As for targeting I think the default is that these guys will never target eachother except, as you say, for when there has been friendly fire.

If you need a profile of BotSpawn guys to be target by, and to target, Bandit guards etc the only solution right now, I think, is to make that profile Murderer types.
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Npcs will only wonder as far as you let them, with roam radius.
Is your issue with Bio...
So would this be someing that is set in like TruePVE. Add Murderer to the npcs section?
Would this allow anything to kill them is they wonder into the wrong area?
      "name": "npcs",
      "members": "NPCPlayerApex, BradleyAPC, ScientistNPC, NPCPlayer, Mirderer",
      "exclusions": ""

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Any ideas on this?

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I am currently running TruePVE and BotSpawn and I would like to make it were if Zombies roam into outpost or Bandit camp I would like them to shoot the zombies with the auto turrent and all that. Can that be done?I have tried adding in my true PVE  the murderer in the config it didn't change anything