Custom Spawn Locations
Okay, I know how to use custom locations but I have a bit of a different issue. I use rust edit to create different landscapes for my server, basically a zombie area where players farm RP.
I've created an underground area, like a cave for zombies to spawn in. When I first did this I just built under the map with prefab items from RustEdit. However if I try to set a custom spawn in this area, the zombies just spawn on the map, above where I built and not where I want. My thinking was because not a valid navmesh.
So I tried to trick the plugin by setting the terrain low and building rocks above in a dome shape, set the spawn point again, inside the dome, but the zombs spawned on top of the rocks this time.
Anyone got any tips on how I could fool the zombies into spawning in an enclosed area? I've tried adjusting the 'Y' axis but can't trick it

I realise this is more a question I should be asking in the rust edit forums but hoping somebody might have an idea in here

BotSpawn shouldn't let you do that, so this is good to hear. :P
I find a point at terrain height, make sure there is navmesh very close to it, then raycast down from above to make sure there's nothing in the way.
That way, hopefully, npcs should only ever spawn where they can see sky above.

I think trying to mod a workaround would cause problems with them spawning under the airfield or inside buildings where there's no access.
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Ha.......damn it. Wish I had asked earlier and not wasted an entire sunday trying to solve this xD.
Thanks for the quick answer and keep up the good work. Awesome plugin!!