Bots wandering into Bandit and related issues
My bots are wandering into areas where players can't retaliate. Is there a way to either...

A) prevent bots from wandering into/near Outpost/Bandit?
B) make it so that Bandits/Scientists/Outpost Turrets are hostile to bots? 

You have full control over where BotSpawn npcs will spawn and how far they will roam.
If you find an area where they can go under the map, or somewhere where it's not ideal to have npcs, you'd need to edit the config/data options to prevent that.

I suppose Biome-wide bots are probably an exception to that.
Maybe I'll work in some code to stop them from wondering into protected areas.
Original Poster
In any other circumstance, I don't mind them wandering. And I'd be perfectly ok with them wandering into protected zones if the Bandits were hostile to them as well (either all the time or when the bots aggro).